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Washington Spends $80 Billion a Year on Intelligence Agencies Alone

How is this remotely normal?

CIA in Laos, 1970 — the dope-trafficking Vietnam era

Today I learned the US in a normal year has a “spying budget” of $80 billion (Trump wants to bump it up to 86). That’s insane, there is no way good intelligence should cost any more than a couple of billion at the very most. (The only aspect that is money-intensive are satellites.)

I for one didn’t know the figures are that inflated. Goes to show that after 15 years of Empire-watching I’m still not cynical enough. It’s almost impossible to comprehend just how vast the modern US national-security-military state has become and how warped the imperial capital is to consider this completely normal:

With everyone still reeling at the announcement of the $750 billion proposed military budget for 2020, a huge increase, the Trump Administration is now offering a proposed spying budget that is similarly looking for a substantial increase over the previous year.

The proposal stands at $86 billion, and is a six percent increase over the previous year. As with the military proposal, it rests heavily on the administration playing up the threat posed by Russia and China.

This budget includes $62.8 billion for general national intelligence programs, and another $23 billion that would go into the military’s highly secretive “black budget” for military intelligence activities.