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US Tells Southern Syrian Rebels They’re on Their Own, There Will Be No American Intervention

Rebs told to make the decision what to do next "in the interest of their families"

Cynics will say the US needed to say this in 2011

US continues to threaten Syria not to retake its territory in the south on the border with Jordan and Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, but in the mean time it has told the rebels a US military intervention to bail them out isn’t in the cards:

Cynics will say the US needed to say this and the rebels needed to hear this in 2011. They rose up and kept on fighting expecting the US would ever more heavily intervene on their side which for a while it did.

The rebels are now more likely to fold without a fight rather than face certain defeat against Russian-Syrian offensive.

In the past weeks the US has repeatedly threatened it would “take firm and appropriate measures” against the Syrian government forces should they continue pushing into the southwest of the country.