Checkpoint Asia

The US Is Now Using Sanctions Threat as a Weapon Against Compliance to Its Own Demands


Just as the US threatened countries buying Iran’s excess enriched uranium and heavy water could henceforth find themselves sanctioned, Iran proclaimed it will stop exporting them and will stockpile them and in the case of uraniaum, enrich it further instead.

In this way the Iran deal signatories (Germany, France, UK, Russia, China) are off the hook. Under the Iran deal they were obliged to buy Iran’s uranium and heavy water as a way of keeping Iran under the limits the US demanded. In other words, the Empire used the sanctions threat as a weapon against compliance to its own demands.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the full psycho level of this. Iran selling off these elements was never a concession to Iran, it was a concession to the US by Iran. Yet US threatened sanctions, including against its western allies, in order to make it more difficult for Iran and the other countries still in the deal to keep that concession to the Empire alive. Insane!

You know the idiots hanging out in parks in the evening who will ask you for a cigarette hoping you will say no so they will have the “excuse” to attack you? That’s what the US is now — if such idiots went out of their way to make it impossible for you to hand over the cigarette.

The calculation for the Hegemony is simple, if it prevents the signatories from taking the excess, Iran will exceed the agreed limits, and the Hegemony will go back to claiming it’s building nuclear bombs and proceed from there.

Instead Iran, which wants to see some return for its concession making, decided to increase the pressure on the Europeans itself. They have 60 days to start actually making some business in/with Iran as promised or Tehran will keep its uranium and heavy water, which until now has been mainly going to Russia. Incidentally that would also spare Russia possible further US sanctions.