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Russian Navy Hit and Sank a Decommissioned Frigate in Syria Live Fire Drills (VIDEO)

Quite the demonstration for the Americans

On April 14th Trump bombed Syria. A few days before the Russian naval flotilla in Syria’s Tartous sailed out for “drills” in the eastern Med. We now know that as part of these live fire drills the Russians arranged for quite the demonstration for the Americans.

An old decommissioned Syrian frigate (of Soviet make) was dragged out to sea and used as target for Russian anti-ship missiles.

The video of the exercise shows two missiles hitting the 1,000 ton vessel hit by, causing it to sink in less than a minute after the first impact.

At 1,000 tons the Petya-class is a small ship as vessel as far as warships go. The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer of the kind that fired Trump’s missiles into Syria displace over 8,000 tons. Nonetheless, it has been apparent for over half a century now that surface ships are extremely vulnerable to anti-ship missiles regardless of their size. Larger ones just sink more slowly or need an extra hit.