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Kurds Stone the Hell Out of a Russian-Turkish Patrol in Northern Syria

The Russian and Syrian soldiers were welcomed when they first entered Kobani last month in the wake of a US withdrawal that served up the local Kurds to Erdogan and the invading Turkish military.

However the joint Russian-Turkish patrols that Moscow has signed under to appease Erdogan and help limit a wider Turkish offensive have seemingly dented the Russians’ popularity:

The locals damage the lead Russian vehicle and climb atop it but the MPs remain calm:

Untainted by cooperation with the Turks, could the the Syrian army become seen by the Kurds as their main protector (aside from their own YPG), ahead of the Russians?

For the record, this is the first time Kobani Kurds would have had to suffer Turkish vehicles passing through their settlements. While Pentagon had agreed to similar US-Turkish patrols, these had not yet expanded to this specific sub-region before the US withdrew from the border entirely.