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Depopulated Ukraine Again Postpones Population Census

Kiev would rather not measure the depth of the precipice it has led the country off from

Editor’s note: Albeit it’s a huge question how many people still live in Ukraine successive Ukrainians governments year after year just can’t find the paltry $100 million it would take to conduct the census and answer that question. It’s almost as if they don’t want the question where years of Orange color revolutionary rule, then of (moderately pro-EU) Yanukovich, and then of the Euromaidan have led the country answered.

The last census of the population was conducted under the president Kuchma in 2001…

…in contrast to the Russian Federation, which conducts censuses every decade, and where the next one is planned for 2020.

I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels (if you can follow content in Russian and Ukrainian, please give it a sub) and around the 3:33 mark, a video is played, featuring a newly elected representative, David Arakhamiya, who says this:

Census is, of course, needed but a census is a statistical action, and it would cost 90 million Euros, which is the preliminary estimate. We don’t have the money to conduct this every 5 years or something… We will conduct a census simultaneously with the distribution of new electronic ID cards…

Interesting, I wonder whether this would stop the guessing as to how many people are left in Ukraine. 25 million33.5 million?

Source: Insomniac Ressurrected