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Clintons Open Physician-Assisted Suicide Business in New Jersey

"The business is off to a quick start with several dozen customers—some who actually wanted the service"

The soul-searching is done for Hillary Clinton post the 2016 election. She and her husband Bill have finally figured out what they want to do with themselves: they’re opening an assisted suicide business in New Jersey.

The business is named Clintoncide and will use the catchy slogan: “So nice you’ll want to die twice”.

Physician-assisted suicide is not legal in their native Arkansas or current residence of New York, but is legal in New Jersey.

“You know if just feels right,” Hillary Clinton said in an interview. “It’s like we were made for this type of stuff.”

The business is off to a quick start with several dozen customers—some who actually wanted the service.

Political opponents were quick to give the Clintons their due.

President Trump tweeted, “Glad to hear the Clintons are taking their suicide business straight. Good luck to them!”

The announcement follows rumors about the Clinton team freelancing on high exposure clients such as Jeffrey Epstein.

Source: Genesius Times