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Census of Russia’s Oligarchs 2017

Ethnic Russians own 57% of Russia's private millions, Russian Jews 25%, and Caucasians 12%

Anatoly Karlin over at The Unz has a treat
for every nerd worth his salt. He reports on the Russian blogger Ivan Vladimirov (can’t get more Russian than Ivan Vladimirov) grueling work in conducting a census of Russia’s richest 200 oligarchs.

Building on the work of the massive news site Vladimirov determines Russians constitute 63.5 percent of the list and 57 percent of the capital: The rest is divided between billionaires from Russia’s traditionally commercial minorities:

3. Now we come to the actual numbers – out of the Forbes 200 and their cumulative $459 billion in assets:

Russians constitute 127 (63.5%) of the people in the list, including 57.4% of the capital.

Jews have 41 (20.5%) people in the list, with 24.8% of the capital.

After those came Armenians (7), Tatars (6), Azeris, Chechens, and Ingush (3 each), and two Uzbeks, though one of the latter, Alisher Usmanov, is the fifth richest billionaire in Russia and has a relatively “interesting” public profile (a spat with Navalny; funding Western race realists).

Tatar oligarchs own 3 percent of the capital, Greek ones 0.8 percent, and 0.12 percent is owned by the single American oligarch.

But there is caveat, private oligarchs no longer control the majority of the Russian economy. So the real marshal of Russia’s wealth today is really the government itself:

1. First, he notes that state ownership is now at 70% of the Russian economy, twice its share 10 years ago, so in actual fact, the real “owners” of Russia are now the curators and appointed directors of its state behemoths, such as Igor Sechin (Rosneft) and Alexey Miller (Gazprom).