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Pence Urged Merkel to Send German Navy Into Russian Territorial Waters

Merkel was actually going to do it if the French went along as well

This is insane. The west is led by simpletons without any idea of the gravity of the actions they’re proposing. Bloomberg reports that US Vice President urged the Germans to sail their warships through the Kerch Strait:

The U.S. leaned on German Chancellor Angela Merkel last month to conduct a naval maneuver in Russia’s backyard aimed at provoking President Vladimir Putin, according to three people familiar with the talks.

At a Feb. 16 meeting at the Munich Security Conference, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence urged Merkel to send German warships through a narrow channel between the Crimean peninsula and mainland Russia to show Putin that Western powers won’t surrender their access to those waters, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Kerch Strait used to be half Ukrainian and half Russian terroritory, but since Russia has added Crimea it now considers that the entire strait lies in Russian territorial waters.

Sending the German war navy into Russian waters would be considered by Moscow no different from the German army stepping on Russian soil. There is simply no doubt that if the German warships failed to heed calls to stop that they would have been fired upon, exactly the same way as Russians fired on Ukrainian Navy ships attempting the same in November.

Even more insanely, Merkel was actually going to do it if the French went along as well, but Ukrainians turned it down as not provocative enough:

Merkel had indicated she was willing, in coordination with the French, to send a convoy through the waterway as a one-time maneuver but Poroshenko said that wasn’t enough to solve his problem — he wants to ensure the strait is open permanently, the people said.

It fell on Paris to recognize some lines should not be crossed:

France also refused to take part, judging the idea as an unnecessary provocation, according to another official who declined to be identified.

It should be noted that the Kerch strait is extremely shallow, and only passable to miniature warships. It connects the Black Sea and Azov Seas. To its left and right is Russian territory and on that territory are Russian anti-ship missile batteries and military airfields. Not only would entering the Kerch be provocative and to Russia a violation of its borders, but the NATO ships would be sitting ducks for the Russians.