Is China on the cusp of eclipsing the US in what matters the most — economic power, or about to go down in a massive bubble?

How long will it take for India to finally break out from poverty for the vast majority of its people? How will Japan deal with its demographic decline?

Is the Korean peninsula closer to fratricidal war or peaceful reunification? Can Iran avoid becoming the target for the next US military adventure? What are the prospects for an independent Kurdistan?

Is the clock ticking for the House of Saud? Can India and Pakistan prevent their squabbles from turning into a thermonuclear war?

How will India react to the growing power of China? Is a Russian-Chinese alliance becoming reality?

Asia is the world’s most populous continent, and the past and future center of the world. Most importantly it’s a boundlessly interesting continent. We want to learn more about it and we you’re welcome to learn with us.

For now the project is mostly a part time effort but with every intention of building it up into a fully fledged magazine. Ideally one that can weigh in on serious issues but with a spark of life. We want to be the serious site that can be read without making you want to kill yourself.

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